Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fat Quarterly 2014

So, it has been ten days since Fat Quarterly and I have just about processed the 2014 retreat. Just about.

It was a whirlwind three days of happy faces, fabric fondling and skill learning. I met new friends, old friends and invisible, made-up, online friends.

During formal registration and check-in I was sent over to man the goody bags desk; this meant everyone was pleased to see me b/c Oh! MY! WORD! the content of those calico bags. And that I was partnered with half of the JackQuarterly team, Lynne's son Jack. All in he was a considerate and good boss who employed me on reasonable terms (but don't tell anyone - he snuck me one of the water bottles destined for the attendees).

With a formal welcome from the Fat Quarterly Team (Tacha, Lynne and Brioni) the event got under way and everyone got ready to head off to their first class.

Although not before somebody really dumb had headbutted those double doors up there with force and at speed. All was well though because nothing breaks the ice like a mahoosive collision followed by the biggest and best curtesy it is within the power of the headbutting idiot to manage. This was the bruise that took a few days to come out but was evidence of a claim for sympathy from those who stayed at home. It was unsuccessful. Unsympathetic bastards.

Once I was mobile again (it did hurt a little bit) I headed upstairs to Brioni's Petals class.

There is Brioni being all teachery and setting out the important stuff. What to cut, how many and the application of bondaweb. This is what it was supposed to look like, obviously the Hat of Happiness is an optional extra but you have to admit it does look good up on the Petal quilt.
Unfortunately I must have been focusing on something else when details were given bc my bondaweb was so bondy and webbish that I couldn't separate my petals from the backing. Even Brioni's clever life hack of scoring and flicking the backing was unsuccessful. But I now know the pattern and plan to one day finish at least one block. Fingers crossed by FQR 2015.
Dinner was a Waitrose picnic out on the terrace at Baden Powell House. There was lots of chat and laughter and a little bit of flying ice to cool down the drinks on such a  Hotty McHotpants evening (in the UK. I know!) before the Block Party kicked off.
The Block Party was a chance to get numbered groups together to create blocks and/or a quilt flimsy for a Siblings Together quilt. I was in Team Infinity (8s look way cooler on the side). Siblings Together is an ace charity that quilters around the world have taken to their hearts and sewing machines to benefit brothers and sisters separated in the care system. Lynne had a box of 'scraps' of Cotton and Steel and Jenni Baker's Vintage Summer. Scraps??? These were huge! So I ran away with them cackling, stroking them and whispering 'Precioussssss'. Not really (well kind of). I hawked the box around to all the other teams, being incredibly profligate with someone else's amazing fabric stash. This is the leftovers and because I was sooo bad at being a member of Team Infinity Lynne has graciously allowed me to take it home so I can make my own Siblings Together quilt.

First thing next morning was registration again and then straight into one of THE. BEST.CLASSES. IN THE WORLD. EVER!!!!!!!!!!
Armed only with instructions on how to screen-print Karen from Blueberry Park faced down 20 crazed sewist and then let them all loose with sharp pointy cutting sticks and waterproof paint. Not content with their own inspired ideas everyone went around swapping and trading images.
I sketched and cut out a pear, which I thought was not too shabby for a freehand and then I looked over at Jen who had drawn a flamingo freehand and then scaled it down so it would fit onto the frame. Freehand drew a flamingo. Twice! Gutted. However I have made stuff during this past week using the prints nicked from other talented participants so - Yay me!

 Post-lunch where I had a show down with a Baden Powell House dweller when he thought he would help himself to food - cheeky fecker (although retrospectively I have felt bad bc he was probably a starving travelling teenager), I went and had a class with the amazing Trudi Wood. Trood was a superstar and taught us loads about free motion quilting patterns and design.
Then off to lampshade making with Karen again. Great fun but my stars! You need fourteen hands to make it happen, thankfully Malmesbury Jen and Shen (Craft Giraffe) were available to assist. I dashed off to shout out the groups for the Sample Swap then back upstairs to be someone else's octopus on their lampshade run.
Saturday night was another Waitrose picnic followed by Market Square in the Main Hall. People were buying  all sorts of fabulousness and then it was time for the Siblings Together Quilts handover to Delma followed by Show and Tell of all the clever stuff people make. My favourite was the Vegetable Patch Quilt made by the uber-talented Nick at Quilts From The Attic. The dude has got it going on!
I managed a short chat with Thomas Knauer, really interesting to hear his viewpoint on modern stitchiness and making. He and Jen Kingwell are at opposite ends of the quilty spectrum. Technology vs hand-created.
With all the oohing and aahing out of the way it was quiz time. I'm still not sure how but I was dragooned into being Quizmaster. Team Butler were the eventual winners and we rounded out the night with random name drawing/prize giving.
Sunday morning saw Market Square comparison going on among room mates. In fact we were so excited to show that we didn't even get out of bed!
Yes that might mean some of us slept snuggled up with the new deliciousness in their lives but quite frankly can you blame me?? Look at it!
Sunday morning was an earlier start but I got there in time to fight my way through the scrum that surrounded the boxes of Oakshott fabric to be used in the Fractured Glass foundation piecing class.

 This was my colour way and just about all I managed to accomplish in this class. I *will* finish the block but I think Foundation Piecing and I are on the verge of reaching an uneasy d├ętente.

Then it was time for farewells and much hugging and a few tears, at which point the fire alarm went off and obviously stopping to collect the treasures amassed over the weekend we trooped out into the street to do it all again - hugs, tears, promises to keep in touch/send that link/fabric/book and farewells.
Then it was off to just sit for a little bit. This pretty much sums up how I felt.
 Hey @

you were the bomb. Thanks for having me.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

2024 - I'll be an old dinosaur by then.

10 years. That's a long time ahead isn't it? But then this is my eighth year of blogging and I would have sworn I had been doing it for longer so what do I know about the relativity of time??

Anyway 2024 is 10 years away,  3653 days, 87658 hours and far too many minutes and seconds to be arsed figuring out but it will be a lot. A really big lot. I will be older and probably grey-haired and who knows? I might actually have a crafty finish under my belt.

Monday, 5 May 2014

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Yes, yes, I am one of the hippiest of hippy groupings. I am a 'head in the clouds/feet on the ground' kind of chick, I love company but am a loner. I am a forward thinker without a care for what other people think. I go my own way and where I lead people will follow. Also according to the pictures I am pretty ace at tipping water out of a jar.

Hello my name is trash and I am an Aquarius. Aquarius. Aquariuuus. AAAAQUUUARIUUUS!!!!!


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Early memories

My girl, my Princess CurlyWurly as was, is doing her first year of GCSEs this year. That means that she is half way through her teenagerdom and only has four term of formal schooling left. I know. Let's all just take a minute.

One of her electives is Psychology and they have been discussing memory. Apparently she is able to pinpoint her earliest memory to an exact date and time. She remembers the streetlights being very close to her head and hands as her Dada carried her around the corner to a friend's house at early-in-the-morning'o'clock while I stayed home birthing her little brother.

Mine in the other hand is sitting on the bench front seat of my parents' Kingswood station wagon playing with my best beloved teddy bear, Snowy. We were at Naringal School to celebrate its centenary, I guess I was 3 or 4.

I hope that her earliest memory engenders the same feeling of comfort and love that I get from mine.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Changing tracks - a song that reminds you of a time in your life

I am a singer. Not in a choir. Never going to see me on 'The Voice' or 'Briatin's Got Talent' but often and without even realising it I sing. Out loud. Frequently in public. Like walking around the supermarket picking groceries off the shelves. Or just because it is a beautiful day. I like the sounds of songs, the rise and fall notes make when they are pushed forward into the world, the comfort that comes from hearing a long known song. Each beat of music and syllable of lyric in the place it is supposed to be, just as it is on your own record at home.

I don't often play music in the house; mostly because I adore Radio Four and there is very little that will make me switch over from it but also because one of CK's favourite wind-ups pasttimes is to delve into Youtube and play every daggy song he can find. On repeat. There may be a little emotional scarring on my soul.

When the children were much smaller they (and by that I mean CK) recorded their favourite music videos. They were about 4 and 7. Like they even knew what their favourite videos were but that is the story there father has spun so we go with it. I know every frame and every pause in the music clips for 'Hit me Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears and more respectably 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt (or as it is called her the 'PashPash Song' bc the Boychild thought that was the chorus) and 'I Get Knocked Down' by Chumbawumba.

A few years back CK bought me 'Silk degrees' by Boz Scaggs as a surprise giftee and within a week I had the kids word perfect on 'Lido Shuffle' and we would play it with the volume turned all the way up to 11, the windows down, driving up and down our High Street after tennis on a Sunday morning. The kids not only roaring out the words but doing the 'bedoombly dume, bedoombly dume' key changes as well.

Sometimes I am such a proud mother.